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Costa Rica is unquestionably one of the most beautiful vacation destinations around the world. It is certainly one of the most exotic places to visit as it offers travelers an astounding varied topography through out its territory. From hot sandy beaches to primary cloud forests, rainforests and active volcanoes, this beautiful country attracts over two million visitors every year.

There are so many types of adventure activities to do, that it makes Costa Rica a never end place of fun. There are canopy tours (zip lining) located in every region of the country, rappel on beautiful waterfalls, white water rafting of different intensity (from Class I to Class IV – V), ATV (four wheelers), bungee jumping, kayaking, mountain biking, surfing, horseback riding, and hiking among many others, Depending if you want low intensity adventure enjoying the forests, biodiversity, volcanoes and hot springs, or if you would like to try high intensity adventure involving white water rafting and bungee jumping, Costa Rica is the place to be.

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There are many ways you can combine your vacations and enjoy a little bit of everything. Costa Rica is a small country, which allows visitors to experience many touristic locations in a relatively short time. Crossing the country west to east will take you around 6 hours, but there are so many activities to experience that you will want to have time to stay in one place for at least a little while.

Costa Rica is a great country for family vacations, and adventure family tours. In such a small country you may find so many different things to do safely and have a lot of fun sharing quality time with family and friends.

Costa Rica is located on the Central American isthmus, bordering both the Caribbean Sea (Atlantic Ocean) to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. It also borders Nicaragua (to the north) and Panama (to the southeast).

Puerto Quepos drapes itself across a tropical inlet surrounded by primary rainforest. The village center is a delightful six-block square of restaurants, bars, bakeries, art galleries and gift shops and so much more, all fronted by the main beach and sport fishing fleet. Quepos is growing quickly yet maintains many of its sleepy and humble beginnings. Quepos is one of the top fishing destinations in the world, especially for Sailfish, MarlĂ­n, Tuna and Mahi Mahi?

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