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  • Costa Rica is a magnet for international tourists. Packed into an area just slightly bigger than Switzerland. Costa Rica draws those seeking thrills such as white-water rafting, jungle trekking and sea kayaking just to name a few. To watch video, press play and place mouse arrow (HERE)

  • Sport fishing in Costa Rica is some of the world’s finest. With a 12-month fishing season you can fish for anything from tarpon & snook to marlin, sailfish, dorado, yellow fin tuna, and wahoo. Or try grouper, snapper, jacks, barracuda, mackerel, and our famous roosterfish. Book Today!
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Imagine an exotic, white sand beach, sipping tropical drinks by the pool, with breathtaking jungle and ocean views combined with the serenity of one of the world’s most treasured rainforests, and perhaps you can begin to envision your romantic getaway to Costa Rica. Costa Rica has become one of the world’s top destinations for romantic getaways offering unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

Costa Rica touches the heart and mind of the tourist, not through elegant boulevards, towering cathedrals, or imposing places in history but through its incredible natural beauty and gracious people disposed to please, who are full of kindness, and who have a generous spirit. With a national territory of 50,895 square kilometers, Costa Rica is slightly larger than Switzerland and it is the second smallest Central American country. But within the borders of this small country, you can find vast areas of jungle, countless streams and rivers, incredible diversity of wildlife and flora, amazing volcanoes and beautiful beaches.

The Costa Rican people live by a philosophy of community, perseverance, and positivity, named Pura Vida: the pure life, the full life. The country is internationally recognized for its natural beauty, rich biodiversity and environmental friendliness.In fact, although Costa Rica covers only .03% of the planet’s surface, it has about 6% of the world’s bio-diversity. Costa Rica boasts more than half a million species of plants and wildlife, including more than 850 kinds of birds, 600 categories of butterflies, 1200 varieties of orchids, and 237 species of mammals.

In Costa Rica you can find: breathtaking tropical beaches where you can swim, snorkel, dive, surf, fish and sea kayak. There are also clean rivers that range from white water rippers to tranquil jungle waterways; spectacular waterfalls; extensive haciendas and plantations; scenic mountains and rain forest; erupting awesome volcanoes and more. There is just a lot to see and do!!! In the same way, nature lovers enjoy Costa Rica because of its remarkable diversity of orchids, plants, birds, butterflies, mammals, fish, frogs, and other wild life. Costa Rica has something for everybody!!!

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